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I’ve always believed we are connected to something greater than ourselves.

As a certified dharma coach, I use my understanding of intuition, human design, flower essence therapy, and my passion for healing to fully empower others to step into who they really are. To embody their dharma and live their purpose.

I created Violet Collective Holistic Health because I believe there is more to healing than going to the gym and eating healthy. I believe in the power of the mind, looking at your healing through a holistic lense that includes spirituality and energetics.

The colour violet is the colour of the crown chakra. This represents our connection to our higher power, the self and divine source consciousness. In my own healing journey, activating the crown chakra has been an essential part of coming home to myself and feeling calm and confident within my own skin.

The lotus flower in my logo, symbolises spiritual awakening and purity. It blooms from the mud and opens with strength, resilience and even rebirth. A powerful and magical flower.

My coaching courses will help you tune into your highest self, deepen your connection to your intuition and expand your capacity for love by uncovering the most authentic version of yourself.


"Thank you Courtney, it was a lovely session & I am grateful for the space held and for listening attentively - I appreciate it & it was very valuable."

Sanisha Prema

"I am so glad I booked a complimentary discovery call with you! It's exactly what I needed, thank you for being so patient and understanding. I can't wait to discover my dharma all while healing with you by my side as a coach!

Sheena Gill
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